Erin Falco RDN nutritional counseling


We believe in helping you achieve your wellness goals with a non-diet approach. We implement our recommendations based on your individual needs and goals. Building a healthy relationship with food and the confidence to make realistic changes takes time.

It is important to us that we support you in a way that works for you and your lifestyle and strive to help you meet your expectations every time we meet.

 Nutritional Counseling with an emphasis in:

Food Allergies & Sensitivities  |  Diabetes


Autoimmune Conditions  |  Eating Disorders

Lipid & Gastrointestinal Disorders 

Mental Health (ADHD, Anxiety/Depression) 


Intuitive Eating  |  PCOS  |  Pediatrics

Cardiovascular Disease  |  Sports Nutrition


​In addition to Nutritional Counseling sessions, we also offer:

Stool Testing


Micronutrient Deficiency Testing

Gene Testing


Food Allergy & Food Sensitivity Testing 


Cooking & Meal Prep 

Working with our RD's, you can expect to take a holistic approach to wellness which includes all aspects of your lifestyle and well-being. 
Our RD's integrate a variety of nutrition and lifestyle therapies into clinical practice, some of which include whole foods, tailored supplements and mind body modalities.

Our Approach to Wellness

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Nutritional Counseling
Functional Medicine Testing
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