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We believe in helping you/your child's wellness goals with an individualized approach based on medical history, labs, genetics, symptoms, lifestyle, environment and mindset. Building a healthy relationship with food and the confidence to make realistic changes takes time.

It is important to us that we support you/your family in a way that works for you and your lifestyle and strive to help you meet your expectations every time we meet.

 Nutritional Counseling with an emphasis in:

Food Allergies & Sensitivities  |  Diabetes


Pediatrics  |  Eating Disorders

Lipid & Gastrointestinal Disorders | 

Mental Health (ADHD, Anxiety/Depression) 

Intuitive Eating  |  PCOS  |  Fertility

Cardiovascular Disease  |  Sports Nutrition


​In addition to Nutritional Counseling sessions, we also offer:

Micronutrient Deficiency Testing

Gene Testing


Stool Testing


Food Allergy & Food Sensitivity Testing 


Cooking & Meal Prep 

Working with our RD's, you can expect to take a holistic approach to wellness which includes all aspects of your lifestyle and well-being. 
Our RD's integrate a variety of nutrition and lifestyle therapies into clinical practice, some of which include whole foods, tailored supplements and mind body modalities.

Our Approach to Wellness

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Upcoming Podcast with Monmouth Moms!

Erin Falco, RDN will be a featured guest on the Monmouth Moms Podcast! You'll get to Learn all about Erin, her family and health care journey! All of which has driven her to succeed in helping thousands of patients.  Stay tuned for the recorded date via IG! You do not want to miss this!


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Modeling a healthy relationship with food/body image

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Check out our latest Discussion on IG!

Erin Falco, RDN and Stephanie Godwin, LFMT

Discuss ways parents can model adaptive/healthy relationships with food, nutrition and body image.

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Nutritional Counseling
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