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1 : 1 Nutritional Counseling:

Are you looking to work with our Functional Registered Dietitians for individual nutrition counseling? Then you are in the right place! Our practitioners work with their patients to go beyond symptoms and address behavior change to provide the most effective and quality care.


The following list describes the prices for the initial assessment and follow up appointment packages. All new patients are required to meet a minimum of 6 sessions within 3 months of the initial assessment. Please see prices below: 

Get to The Root, Initial Assessment:

  • 90 minute initial assessment $360

Follow Up Appointment Packages:

  • 6, 45 minute follow up sessions , $1080 

*Session packages do not include your initial session.  

Payment Options:

We offer a flexible payment plan so you can start today and pay over time in 3 installments. Insurance coverage may be applied depending on in -network benefits. 

* Care options for eating disorders and group programs differ from the requirements / costs listed above. 

Insurance Information

We participate with the following insurance companies: 

  • Erin Falco RDN:  Aetna, Amerihealth, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Other Blue Card Programs, Cigna, Meritain, *Medicare

  • Kellie Mendes RDN:  Aetna, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, *Medicare

*Medicare - Under Medicare's policy: Nutritional Counseling is only covered if you have a Diagnosis of Diabetes or Kidney Disease in an outpatient setting. A referral is required from your Doctor before your first visit. We are unable to see you without a referral PRIOR to your first visit.

**Medicaid - We do NOT accept Medicaid and cannot see you for self pay as per state guidelines.

If your insurance is listed above, please review our In-Network Insurance Guide. 

If your insurance is not listed above and/or you do not have nutritional counseling benefits please refer to the prices listed above. We will provide a receipt for the service provided and you can send to your insurance for reimbursement.

Need more support In-Between sessions?
Join our Membership: 

Membership benefits are offered to patients that are seeking in-between session support to help motivate and navigate challenges that come up with their goals, throughout their health journey.  By becoming a member, you will receive unlimited chat support, access to monthly meal plans and special discount offers on testing & supplements. 

Membership Fee: 

$100 / month 

A minimum of 3 months required 

Annual Membership Benefits: 

$100 / month with 1 month free ($1200+ 1 month free) 

If you are seeking annual membership , we offer 1 month free at your initial sign up. 

Eating Disorder Membership Fees :

If you are receiving nutritional counseling for an eating disorder, in-between support for patient, family members is needed and required. 

There are two levels of care- Level 1- $100/month and Level 2- $250/month. Your registered dietitian will assess this at the first visit and can change during your treatment depending on level of support needed.

Cancellation Policy

Commitment to your care must be mutual. We value both our practitioner's and client's time and have implemented this policy for this reason. When you miss an appointment with us, we not only lose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who could have scheduled an appointment for the same time or are on a waiting list to be seen. We do not operate like a traditional Drs office as our appointments are lengthy and we spend time before your scheduled appointment reviewing your case.


We have a strict 72 hour cancellation policy. A fee of $360 for an initial appointment or $180 for follow up appointments will be charged to the card on file. This applies to no shows and short notice cancellations/ rescheduling notices. If you would like to cancel or reschedule, you must contact our office via email to or leave a voicemail at 732-784-8378. 

Without a medical Dr's note, You will be charged the fee of the whole appointment cost if not cancelling within the appropriate time frame. This does not get billed to insurance.

Apply To Become A Patient Today!

Apply to become a patients & we'll book a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss how our team of RDs can help your specific goals. Please have a copy of your ID, credit card, insurance card, and all necessary insurance benefits information ready before calling to schedule.  


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